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We are a boutique consultancy focused on sustainable materials, recycling and circular innovation.
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Circuvate was founded by scientist Dr. Ashley Holding, with the goal of helping businesses make to the transition to more sustainable and circular business models.

We envisage a world where materials are kept in circulation as long as possible, where all waste is recycled into something useful at the end of its life, and where petroleum resources are replaced by renewable alternatives.

We are enabling this transition by providing consultancy, advisory and training services that leverages our deep expertise in sustainable materials, fibres, recycling and sustainable innovation.

Circuvate is purpose led: every project we work on must contribute to a measurable impact in at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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What Do We Do?

Our Services

Reviews & Analyses
We conduct in-depth reviews and critical analysis of factors such as recyclability and suitable recycling technologies, circularity, compatibility with a biological cycle and environmental impact, including Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).
Research & Reports
We deliver research reports on specific topics of interest where expert insight is needed, such as new materials, chemical recycling, sustainable innovation or green chemistry in the supply chain.
We advise companies on a diverse array of topics and projects, including product design and development, circular strategies, eco-system building, research, and technology development.
Corporate Training
We provide workshops on select topics of interest, such as bio-based materials, bio-synthetics, new cellulosics, and recycling strategies.
Who Do We Help?

Our Customers

Fashion Brands

We can help you find the right material that fits your sustainability needs, whether you want to focus on bio-based materials, carbon footprint, or end-of-life pathways (biodegradability or recyclability).

Textile Suppliers

Offering innovative options to your customers becomes more and more important. We can help you develop new fabrics and materials to future-proof your business.

Recycling Innovators

Through our experience in developing recycling technologies we can offer a broad portfolio of consulting support to scientists and researchers in the area of solvent or depolymerisation-based material recycling.

Outdoor, Sports & Footwear

Outdoor and sports clothing and footwear have a stronger focus on performance and durability. We can help you find the right materials and establish life cycle concepts that let you improve your environmental footprint and open up new streams of sustainable revenue.


You have a sustainable material project but lack the scientific and technical expertise? You can hire us as technical consultants on the project. We regularly collaborate with other consultancies on projects where our specific expertise is needed to help clients get the best possible service.

NGOs and Initiatives

Are you an organisation that deals with sustainable materials or recycling but lack the specific know-how to understand innovations or processes? We can help you fully understand what you are dealing with, enabling you to make decisions on what to support.

How Do We Work?Our Approach

At Circuvate, we have 3 key guiding principles: to be evidence-based, science-led and expert-driven. By doing this, we can be sure that our work leads to real and quantifiable change.


All of our work is backed up by evidence, data and peer-reviewed sources. If we can’t substantiate something, we will say so.


We use the latest insights from peer-reviewed research and the cutting edge of industrial R&D to inform our advisory and consulting services.


When necessary, we engage outside experts who are academics and leaders in their fields to complement our own offering.
What Do We Focus On?

Our Focus Areas

We're specialised in sustainable materials, recycling, circularity and impact in the textiles, apparel, footwear, outdoor and packaging sectors.
Textile Recycling
Circular Economy
Bio-Based Materials
Cellulosic Fibres
Scope 3 Emissions
Sustainable Innovation

Case Studies

Case Study: Bio-Based Fibres for Sportswear Applications
Case Study: Bio-Based Fibres for Sportswear Applications
For a product development and sourcing agency, the Good Factory, we were tasked with investigating bio-based alternatives to conventional synthetics fibres for use in cycling and running sportswear.
Case Study: Bio-Plastics Landscape
Case Study: Bio-Plastics Landscape
For a large fashion retailer we provided an executive overview of different options for bio-based plastics with a multi-angled focus on biodegradability, recyclability and potential for carbon emission reduction.
Case Study: Material Circularity Report
Case Study: Material Circularity Report
For a multi-national conglomerate we reviewed a newly developed textile material with regards to its recyclability, recycling options and overall circularity potential, including a review of what marketing claims can be accurately made.

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Welcome to Circuvate
Welcome to Circuvate
Welcome to the new Circuvate website. Formerly Circular Material Solutions, Circuvate is a boutique consultancy focused on sustainable innovation, materials and recycling in the fashion and textiles sector.