Circuvate: In The Media

Our Principal Consultant, Dr. Ashley Holding, is an expert source for articles in trade journals and magazines, as well as being a regular speaker at conferences and webinars. Here are some of his latest appearances and mentions in the press.


rPET’s Future Is In Danger

World Sports Activewear /

Apparel From Air (Expert Contributor – Own Article)


Fungal Leather Alternatives (Expert Contributor – Own Article)


Can Bioplastics Really Make Fashion More Sustainable, Biodegradable, or Recyclable?


Are Plant Leathers As Green As Advertised? Q+A w/ Sustainable Materials Expert Dr. Ashley Holding

Green Queen

What Experts Say About Swapping Animal Leather for Vegan Versions

Sourcing Journal

H&M’S Green Machine: A Recycling Solution?

Vogue Business

The Patchy Sustainability of Recycled Polyester / World Sports Activewear (WSA)

Textile – Textile Recycling – Time to Look Beyond Pilots

Apparel Insider

Can a Pair of Jeans Kill the Coronavirus?


Breaking Good

EcoTextile News

Ask A Sustainability Expert: How Do I Find The Most Eco-Friendly Packaging?


5 Actions Companies Can Take To Fix The Ubiquitous Polybag


Are Polybags Still in Fashion?

Packaging Europe

A New Textiles Economy

Ellen MaCarthur Foundation (Expert Contributor)

Interview On Chemical Textile Recycling Technologies

Fibres and Filaments, issue 33, pp. 20-23, Oerlikon Magazine


Google Scholar


Plastic Free World Conference & Expo

November 2021 – Moderator

Positive Community – Ask the Expert – Sustainable Packaging

October 2021 – Online

Serai – Fireside Chat – How is technology empowering the circular economy?

September 2021 – Online

Addressing the Challenges of Creating New Sustainable Fibres With Equivalent Functionality

Festival of Circular Economy, April 2021

Circular Materials for the Fashion Industry

Lecture: LDE Centre for Sustainability, Circular Fashion Lab programme, March 2021

Technologies to Enable A Circular Economy for Textiles

Plastic Free World Conference, November 2020

Panel – Textiles In A Circular Economy

Liverpool Fashion Summit and Circular Economy Club, October 2020

Chemical Recycling: Which Technologies Will Transform Waste To Wealth?

Innovation Forum: Future of Plastics, 2019

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Webinar: Polybags

Sustainable Packaging Coalition, 2020

European Outdoor Group: Panel On Single-Use Plastics

Outdoor by ISPO Conference, Munich 2019