Our Team

Dr. Ashley Holding

Founder, Principal ConsultantDr. Ashley Holding

Dr. Ashley Holding is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Circuvate. With over 10 years of experience, he has a deep expertise in sustainable and circular materials, recycling technologies and life-cycle assessment. Ashley advises brands, start-ups, suppliers and other consulting firms on all topics where his expertise is required.

He has previously worked as a research scientist in academia and the industry, with numerous patents and publications to his name, and was an innovation manager at an industry accelerator. Ashley is also a lecturer at a university and is a frequent source in trade journals and popular media, and speaker at events.

Ashley takes a keen interest in the innovation landscape, always keeping an eye open for any emerging new materials and technologies.

Ashley holds a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Helsinki.


Dr. Ashley Holding

Associate ConsultantPaula Lorenz

Paula M. Lorenz is our Associate Consultant with a focus on the Circular Economy, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

She has five years experience in the field, having started in academia with a CSR publication in a peer-reviewed journal and her own documentary on the topic of chemical textile recycling. She later founded a science blog covering the circular economy and its relation to sustainable materials. Prior to working with us, she has worked in marketing and communications at different international companies.

Paula holds a Master’s degree from Royal Holloway, University of London.