BioAce is a joint project that brings that aims to evaluate a dedicated circular system for 100% bio-based performance sportswear. This collaboration brings together the expertise of Circuvate (Germany), a technical consultancy specialised in circular materials, recycling and impact analysis in the fashion and textiles sector, and The Good Factory (United Kingdom), experts in sustainable garment and textile design, development, and manufacturing.

Funded as part of the S4 Fashion project with the contribution of the EISMEA Programme of the European Union, the collaboration aims to realise the potential of a circular system for performance sportswear consisting of 100% bio-based and mono-component garments, which will include take-back at the garments at their end-of-life and their use in fibre-to-fibre recycling, in order to reduce overall emissions, waste and water compared to the production of garments made from virgin, petroleum-based synthetic fibres.

The 10,000 EUR funding will be used to validate key steps and evaluate the feasibility of the circular system, including the production of a prototype garment, the recycling of the textile scraps from the manufacturing, and an evaluation of the overall impact of the circular system.

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