Welcome to Circuvate

June 16, 2021by circuvate

Welcome to the new Circuvate blog.

Formerly Circular Material Solutions, Circuvate is an expert consultancy focused on sustainable innovation, materials and recycling in the fashion and textiles sector.

On the Circuvate blog we will share informative and accessible pieces of written content on a range of topics, covering sustainability, circular economy and innovation in fashion, textiles and new materials.

To get you started, here are two of our recent posts:

7 Key Challenges In The Creation of Compostable Clothes

4 Big Barriers Facing Fiber-to-Fiber Recycling

You can look forward to more like this – here is a sample of some of our up-and-coming content:

Why Life Cycle Analysis Is An Invaluable Tool for Fashion Brands

What is “Chemical Recycling”, and How Does it Work For Textiles?

Why Is Elastane a Problem for Circular Textiles?

Do you have a request, or an interesting topic you would like to hear our take on? Send us a message and we’ll see if we can incorporate into future content.

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Dr. Ashley Holding,

Principal Consultant @ Circuvate